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Features of xxxx2Eudora

I would like to thank all who helped me to develop and test xxxx2Eudora: Aldon Caron and Don Eggert, who gave me valuable suggestions and advice, and Mike J. Hall, who helped me to find a nasty bug in my code.
  Ole Jungclaussen
  Lychener Str. 74
  10437 Berlin


Version 2.0:
xxxx2Eudora now fully supports Eudora 5.0
xxxx2Eudora has now the possibility to launch the Eudora application automatically after having successfully created the nickname file(s). xxxx2Eudora will do this only if called with the parameter '/go'.
xxxx2Eudora allows you to use the Eudora capability which adds a domain name to unqualified addresses (addresses without '').
(Under Tools->Options->Sending Mail: 'Domain to add to unqualified addresses'),

The content of the 'Name' field in Eudora (Address book, tab 'info') can now be configured in the same way as nicknames.
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Version 1.01:
A nasty bug which prevented xxxx2Eudora (both shareware and registered version) from remembering their configuration when running under Windows2000 or NT has been fixed.
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Version 1.0:
xxxx2Eudora reads directly from the address.dat of Palm Desktop.
xxxx2Eudora checks for Palm Desktop or Eudora® running, and for HotSync® Manager to be performing a HotSync to prevent data disaster.
Output directory can be specified.
Output can be a single file (Especially useful for Eudora Light®)
xxxx2Eudora can search for further e-mail addresses in the same record (and creates according entries in the Eudora address book).
An optional numerical suffix (self incrementing) for multiple occurrences of a nickname with an optional separator between nickname and suffix.
The way the postal address is formatted in the Eudora address book can now be configured for each single country.
The phone number, which appears in the Eudora address book can now be specified.
The usage of the four Palm custom fields can now be configured.
The full configuration is now accessible from xxxx2Eudora.exe
xxxx2Eudora creates for every user a separate branch in the registry. Multiple users can now use xxxx2Eudora on single machine.
Records from the Palm category ‘Unfiled’ can be excluded.
Records marked ‘private’ can be excluded.
Output can go (with an optional prefix) into several files named after the Palm categories.
Only the first e-mail address found in a record can be used.
The Palm fields, in which to search for e-mail addresses can be specified.
Optional enclosement of the whole nickname in quotation marks, so that spaces are possible.
Optional replacement of spaces by underscores for older Versions of Eudora.
The construction of the actual nicknames can now be defined from a maximum of 3 Fields (user selectable) with optional separators in between. (In the shareware version its always last name + first character of first name)
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If called with parameter, xxxx2Eudora will convert and close the dialogbox automatically (unless an error occured).
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Bug fixed concerning a call with '\' (tried to build nickname files in '\\nickname.txt')
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The 'export-file name' command line parameter can now contain drive and path.
On special request by Alexander Savitzky (thanks for the suggestion, Alex), xxxx2Eudora was made configurable to convert those entries which have no email address, too.
Introduced a (small) user interface: xxxx2Eudora can now be called without a parameter and offers a 'browse' button to locate the export file.
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First version
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  Ole Jungclaussen © 2000

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