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Download the free version 2.0 of xxxx2Eudora here.

Please check the System requirements before you download.

You can order the full, unlimited version for DM 20 (about US $10).

  Ole Jungclaussen
  Lychener Str. 74
  10437 Berlin


Limitations of the free version
See 'Features' for a complete list of all features.
You cannot customize nicknames to your own liking ('John Smith', 'SmithJ', 'John Smith Company', 'Smith, Sales Manager, Company', etc.).
You cannot run it in automatic batch mode (parameter ‘/go’, e.g. in the 'Startup' group -> automatically updates Eudora® each time you start your computer).
You cannot exclude private or ‘unfiled’ records.
You cannot create a separate book (within the Eudora address book) for each category.
You cannot use it for multiple users on the same machine.
You cannot limit to only the first e-mail address found in a record.
You cannot specify the Palm fields, in which e-mail addresses are searched for.
You cannot enclose the whole nickname in quotation marks, so that spaces are possible.
Spaces in nicknames will always be replaced by underscores.
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