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xxxx2Eudora - the easy way to use Palm Contacts in Eudora®

xxxx2Eudora easily creates an Eudora address book from the Palm Desktop address book. It reads the information directly from the Palm address book and writes the information for the Eudora address book (so called nickname files) - if you wish so - directly into the appropriate directory of Eudora.
Which records from Palm address book are written in which way into the Eudora address book is highly customizable.

  Ole Jungclaussen
  Lychener Str. 74
  10437 Berlin

Sept. 2001:
Palm2Eudora had to be renamed to xxxx2Eudora, as Palm, Inc. turned out to be pretty prickly about the use of 'Palm'. I just wonder what will happen to Palm Beach and Palm Springs - not to speak of that inner part of my hand...
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Jan. 12th, 2001:
xxxx2Eudora 2.0 with full support of Eudora 5.0 (and before) and new features has been released. Download
(Licensees can order a free update at ).
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Sep. 20th, 2000:
Qualcomm releases Eudora 5.0 with a new address book. xxxx2Eudora still works. (See FAQ)
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  Ole Jungclaussen © 2000

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